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Dickinson – The Strawberry Capital of the World

In the early 20th century Dickinson with its fertile soils was the garden of Galveston County. Known for growing figs and strawberries it became known as the Strawberry Capital of the World at the time. 

In a letter dated August 18, 1910, Mr. Parke detailed the monthly shipment of strawberries from Dickinson: In March, 1,842 crates at $3 per crate; April ― 13,759 crates at $2.50; and May ― 2,740 crates at $2 each. In 1909 he calculated there were 47,945 crates shipped, producing a revenue of $80,230.50.

Today Holy Trinity Episcopal Church holds an annual Dickinson Strawberry Festival. The Strawberry Festival is a tradition that began in 1930. Almost 90 years of consecutive festivals have been a nod to the history of Dickinson.

Strawberry Season

Local Post Mistress Minnie Owens recalled that Dickinson “came alive” in the spring selling season as farmers carried fruits and vegetables in wagons and on their heads to the rail station where children sold quart boxes of strawberries to train passengers. The annual arrival of agents “made us feel so important.” The buyers would come to town with silver dollars to buy strawberries.