Dickinson Railroad Center

Built in 1902 by architect George B. Stowe to replace the prior building after it burned down, the Galveston Houston & Henderson (GH&H) rail depot served Dickinson through the 19th & 20th centuries. The architecture is unique of the GH&H line featuring a cupola and decorative touches giving the building a more grand design.

The building was later saved and moved by the Weed N’ Wish Garden Club as a preservation effort. Today it serves travelers in a new fashion as one of the few preserved train stations in Galveston County.


The museum tells the story of Dickinson, TX. which is composed of pioneers, immigrants, agriculture, good times & bad times.

Traveling exhibits will be displayed periodically throughout the year.



  • Welcome Center
  • Dickinson Historical Society
  • 1902 GH&H Dickinson Depot
  • 1896 GH&H League City Depot
  • Dickinson Seed Store
  • Community & Banquet Room
  • Monarch Butterfly Waystation
  • Museum Gift Shop
  • Educational Courtyard
  • Rail Service Equipment
  • Keep Dickinson Beautiful


Over 20 years ago, the Dickinson Historical Society was founded as a 501(C)3 organization. It’s first project was an ambitious one — to restore both the Dickinson and the League City train depots. The restored GH&H depots now comprise the Historic Railroad Center in Dickinson. The past two decades, this center has been a recognizable symbol of Dickinson and an example of what can be accomplished when civic groups, private citizens, and local governments work together.