Dickinson Seed Store

Dickinson Seed Exchange

The building now houses the Dickinson Seed Exchange. Gardeners are encouraged to visit and exchange seeds. Bring seeds and store them in jars and take what you need. 


Hours: Fridays 2 to 5pm, Holidays excluded. 

Dickinson Seed Store

Many older residents of the community of Dickinson are able to recall stories of how their relatives would visit the Dickinson Seed Store on Goar Street to purchase seeds for planting vegetable and flower gardens. The circa 1929 building was erected by Italian immigrant Joseph Giacchino next door to his residence where he operated the seed store until his death in 1962. After Giacchino’s death, his daughter, Caroline Mallory, maintained the small business until it was permanently closed in 1997.

Abandoned and threatened with demolition, Jim and Carol Yates seized the opportunity to save the historic Dickinson Seed Store from destruction in 1998. After they purchased the one room storefront they moved it to their personal property where they have maintained the building for the past two decades at their own expense. When they recently decided to move to Fredericksburg, Jim and Carol donated the historic seed store to the Dickinson Historical Society. In the near future, the building will be moved to the Historic Railroad Center complex at 218 FM 517 West. Once relocated the historic seed store will be used as an educational and mini museum utilized for special events and guided tours. Future plans also include specialty seed packets and other items for resale to the public.

Because of Jim and Carol’s efforts and their dedication to both the community of Dickinson and the Dickinson Historical Society, the Dickinson Seed Store will be preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Jami Durham

Property Research & Cultural History Historian

Galveston Historical Foundation