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Dickinson’s Historic Nicholstone Home

The historic Nicholstone Home is located off Park Avenue in Dickinson, facing Dickinson Bayou, from which this drawing is taken. The original home was constructed in the mid-1850’s by Ebenezer B. Nichols, a very successful Galveston businessman, as a summer home. Nichols consulted with local Native Americans, at the time to determine the highest point on the Bayou. Nichols served as a Captain in the Army of the Republic of Texas and General in the Civil War. He was the first President of the G.H.&H Railroad, first President of the Bank of Galveston, and served in the Texas State Legislature. Upon his death in 1872, his estate was divided among his seven sons. One of the sons, Fred McCraven Nichols, bought the home and surrounding property from his brother in 1890. Since then, it has been remodeled and modified to include a second story. The home has remain in the Nichols family for over 150 year and is presently owned by Mrs. Cora Schelling Wright, the Great Great-Granddaughter of E.B. Nichols.