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Dunbar Teachers with Scientific Instruments

This black and white image taken by Dickinson photographer Ray Gillis shows three women and two men looking at a table with several scientific instruments atop it in what appears to be a classroom. Two white women stand on the left side of the image and two Black men stand on the right, with a Black woman standing in the center. On the left, a woman wearing a polka-dot dress stands with her hands by her side, and another woman stands next to her, wearing glasses and a button-up dress of a heavy fabric pressing buttons on an instrument of some kind. Behind this woman stands a woman wearing quatrefoil earrings and a tartan shirt and black skirt, reaching towards the table, her hand obscured by the woman pressing buttons on the device. Next to their hands are a glass bottle, a small glass flask, a large glass flask, and a larger bottle. To her right is a man wearing a suit turning a nob on a scientific instrument with two large circles and a ball on top of a rod. The man to his right watches as he makes this adjustment, wearing a white button up with a tie and slacks, reaching towards the table with his fingers spread. Near his outstretched fingers is a wooden box with dropper-top bottles inside of it. The reverse of this image has writing from what appears to be two seperate captioners. The first captioner’s message reads “Dorothy Saunders, Jennie, Mrs. DeBore, Alton Morgan (Dunar Chemistry Teacher)”. The second captioner’s writing reads “Dunbar Teachers Debose- Alton Morgan (Principal 50) Mr. Thomas Science Teacher Late 50’s”.