The Rancher, The Farmer, and The Shopkeeper

With a vision to honor the early settlers of our community, the Dickinson Historical Society began a project that became known as the Founders Statues. The decision was made by Society Members to commission life size bronze statues, of not one but three distinct groups of settlers – the ranchers, the farmers, and the shopkeepers – whose strength and determination, along with those of other settlers, led to the establishment and growth of our community, known today as Dickinson, the beautiful city on the bayou.

The project was presented to Dickinson High School art teacher, Coleen Stebein, and four of her students, Abbie Laird, Heather White, Tabitha Butler, and Leah Hunt, all of whom worked on the original concept of the first models for the statues. After a search by the Society, noted artist Eric Kaposta and the Fine Arts Foundry of Texas were commissioned to sculpt and cast statues of The Rancher, The Farmer and The Shopkeer.

The Dickinson City Council approved a site for the Monument adjoining the Library in the City Hall Complex. Historical Scoiety members, along with local and regional companies, designed a rotunda foundation for the statues and a groundbreaking ceremony was held and the construction of the foundation was undertaken. As the project proceded, a capital fund drive garnered community support to proceed with the commissioning of the The Rancher, The Farmer, and The Shopkeeper.

The Founders Statues Monument Project could not have been completed without the support of the members of the Dickinson Historical Society, particularly the dedicated board members who according to the individual talents and availability worked with the artist, handled fundraising and public awareness, supervised construction, and were on hand to install each statue.

Today the Dickinson Historical Society celebrates the completion of this seven year project and is pleased to present the Founders Statues to the City as a tribute to the history of Dickinson which will stand for generations to come as a cultural, historical, educational and artistic Monument that will honor the legacies of our past and bring visitors to our city in the future.